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Angel Groups

TEN Capital Network for Angel Groups

TEN Capital has been providing the best ROI for fundraises through our Funding as a Service program since 2009.

We have a dedicated, experienced team offering a variety of services to startups raising capital, companies looking to grow, and investors, to help you get the most out of raising funding.

We also know that running an Angel Group can be time-consuming as there are many moving parts.

We at TEN Capital offer a variety of unique services dedicated specifically to Angel Groups, Funds, and Syndicates to help through every step of the fundraise process.

TEN Capital Can Help Angel Groups With:

New Investor Education

Finding investors to join your group

Consistent, quality deal-flow

Deal syndication

Deep-dive due diligence

Marketing and branding

and more!

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TEN Capital Programs


By simply joining the TEN Capital Network, you will have access to:


“How to invest” program for new investors; either self-paced or through online meetings

Stand-alone education sessions

Invitation to record an episode of our popular podcast series Investor Connect


Access to source and screen all TEN deals

Screening, presentation, and follow-up meetings scheduled and hosted online

“Why I invested” online meetings with company’s current investors

Help to source investors for your group or fund

TEN Capital Funding as a Service

$1195 per month

Have angel investors circling a deal but not closing? Need to syndicate a deal? We can help.

TEN Capital’s Funding as a Service program helps startups identify investors, gain introductions, pitch their deal, follow up with updates and progress, and finally close with their diligence box. There is a monthly fee for each service of $1195, with no contracts, and no back-end fees.

Deep-Dive Diligence

TEN Capital organizes and runs an event with you, the Angel Group, and your deal to generate investor interest.

TEN will:

Research valuation comps

Compile a data room

Prepare a thorough diligence report

Prepare the Reps and Warranties contract and facilitate signatures

Plan and manage “Why I invested” Zoom meetings held with current and prospective investors

Help manage prospective investors through the decision process through to close

Run a closing process

Deal Syndication

So you have a great startup, made your initial investment, and now you’d like to invite other investors to join in on the deal.

TEN will:

Syndicate your deal to our extensive network of angels, venture capital, family office, and high net worth individuals

Setup and run online meetings held with current and prospective investors

Educate the investors about the investment opportunity through the company’s growth story and progress

Help prepare and distribute the “Case for Investment”

Help prepare and distribute the “Ask for Investment”

Marketing & Branding

Through each of our paid programs, you also walk away with life-time collateral in the form of:

Pitch Video Recordings
Investor Testimonial Recordings
PDF summaries to share with other investors
Interview on TEN’s popular podcast series Investor Connect